Celebrating Excellence: Announcing Our Remarkable Scholarship Recipients!

Celebrating Excellence: Announcing Our Remarkable Scholarship Recipients!

YPC Members Mike Butler and Desiree Flores recognize the YPC Your Future Scholarship Recipients

(Photos by Ilene Squires Photography)

Students and their families often focus on tuition and fees when budgeting for college. But some costs typically don’t appear on college bills, and they can add up — costs like books, laptop computers, transportation, and off-campus housing and meals.

These so-called indirect costs can make up half or more of the cost of attending some colleges and may surprise first-generation college students who aren’t anticipating these added expenses. A report from uAsipre found that these unforeseen costs can create financial hardship that prevents students from earning a degree, especially those from low-income backgrounds and communities of color who face affordability gaps nationwide. 


To help reduce the financial burden, LA Promise Fund Young Professionals Council (YPC) worked together to raise funds to provide the inaugural scholarship for graduating seniors at Westbrook Academy. Thanks to their generous support, the YPC raised $7,713 to support seven deserving students on their way to their first year in college.

This year’s inaugural YPC Your Future Scholarship recipients are:

  • Catherine Ramos, Westbrook Academy Valedictorian and attending UCLA
  • Joshua Quinn, Westbrook Academy Salutatorian and attending Otis College
  • Jadah Baptist, Westbrook High School Class President and attending UC Santa Barbara
  • Giana Benavides, attending CSU, Northridge
  • Kelly Maldonado, attending CSU, Fullerton
  • Takhie Dudley, attending CSU, Northridge

“The highlight of the year was witnessing the academic excellence of Russell Westbrook’s students and offering a new financial opportunity to deserving students. This marked the beginning of something bigger than us, the “YPC.” ~ Mike Butler, YPC Co-Chair 

We asked our students how they felt being the inaugural scholarship recipients. 

“This was exciting and unexpected. I am grateful to the YPC members for giving me this scholarship. My scholarship will go towards college tuition and for personal use in college with transportation and books for CSU Fullerton.” ~ Kelly Maldonado, 

“I was surprised and wasn’t expecting this. I will use the scholarship for emergency usage, transportation, and books.” ~Takhie Dudley

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients and thank you to the YPC board for making this opportunity available to our students.