Renee Bixby

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Renee Bixby

ABE Lab Technician / Site Coordinator,
Orange County Distribution Center

Renee Bixby is an ABE-LA liaison that serves as primary contact for teachers and is responsible for daily laboratory operations.

Prior to joining the ABE-LA team, Bixby worked as a lab technician at the University of Arizona in a microbiology and plant pathology lab. This hands-on experience sparked an interest in biotechnology and education and has become the focus of Renee’s career and education goals.

Bixby received her bachelor’s degree in Plants Sciences and minored in Sustainable Plant Systems. During her college career, Bixby worked on a Fusarium population study to provide farmers with an efficient and cost-effective tool to detect a plant pathogen that causes severe crop loss and financial burden.

Her favorite book is Mutant message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. It tells an inspiring story of how nature can heal human, when they completely submit themselves to her. Bixby also enjoys anything involving nature, cooking, and gardening. She is proud to be part of an organization that strives to break generational cycles of poverty and promote the success of marginalized children.

“The task we face today is to understand the language of nature.” – Paul Stamets