Karin Steinhauer

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Karin Steinhauer

Senior ABE Site Coordinator & Lead Lab Technician,
Pierce College Distribution Center

As the Lead Lab Technician for LAPF’s Amgen Biotech Experience Program, Karin Steinhauer is responsible for preparing most of the reagents used by the entire ABE-Los Angeles program. As the Pierce College Center site coordinator, she and her assistant prepare all reagents and supplies utilized by the schools served at that site, as well as maintain seven complete kits of biotechnology equipment. She also serves as a Master Lab Technician for the international ABE Program.

Before Steinhauer joined the ABE program in 2007, she worked as a Life Science Technician for Pierce College, preparing materials for lab classes. In addition to working as a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician for many years, she also worked as a Public Health Microbiologist for the city of Long Beach.

Steinhauer earned her BS in Microbiology from California State University Long Beach.

When she is not working in the lab, Steinhauer enjoys gardening, entomology, and wildlife rehabilitation.