Giovanna Tomat-Kelly

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Giovanna Tomat-Kelly

Site Director & Lab Technician, Pasadena Bio Collaborative Incubator
Amgen Biotech Experience

Giovanna (aka Gio) Tomat-Kelly is an ABE-LA liaison that is responsible for maintaining daily lab operations and serves as the primary contact for teachers.

Prior to joining LA Promise Fund in 2021, Tomat-Kelly worked as an ecological field technician throughout Nevada and Delaware, and a marine biology laboratory technician in Washington.

Tomat-Kelly received her Bachelor of Science from The College of New Jersey where she majored in biology with a research concentration in ecology. In 2021, she received her Master of Science in Agronomy from University of Florida. Tomat-Kelly’s dissertation focused on how invasive plants and fire regimes interact to affect native plant communities. As a master’s student, Tomat-Kelly co-instructed an undergraduate biology course.

Some of her favorite books include: The Invention of Nature, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and The Toa of Pooh. On her free time, Gio enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors with her friends and family.