Tip Tuesday: A note from Edlio’s Austin Schwartz

Tip Tuesday: A note from Edlio’s Austin Schwartz

While The Intern Project – Summer has wrapped up, we’re still hearing from the employers who hosted our interns. This note, from Edlio employee Austin Schwartz, illustrates the immense value our interns offer their employers.

Hello Managers,

I am emailing you all, as I feel obligated to share with you all the impact our intern Miguel Tamayo had on me during his time here this summer. As many of you most likely noticed, Miguel and I routinely played ping-pong, giving me the opportunity to become acquainted with him during his time at Edlio.

While I can’t speak for his quality of work, I can say with complete confidence that Miguel is an outstanding and motivated individual who inspired me on a daily basis. As a High School student entering his senior year, he would routinely wake up at 6am in order to go buy lunch before commuting over an hour via public transit from South Gate. This alone created an adoration toward Miguel, as his maturity was unparalleled to myself at his age. As I got to know Miguel better, I learned of the financial support he was providing his parents. He shared with me that now that he had a source of income, he felt obligated to help his parents pay some of the bills. While I have no idea what portion of his check went to the financial backing of his family, any 17-year-old kid who is contributing in this regard demands my respect.

Being in the presence of such a level-headed and independent young adult has had nothing but a positive effect on me. As I am sure you can all tell by now, I have nothing but high praise for Miguel. I want to thank you guys for bringing him on board this summer and allowing me to cross paths with such an inspiring individual. I don’t know what Miguel has planned going forward, but I hope we can be a rock solid reference for him on his future endeavors.

Thank you,
Austin Schwartz