Santiago Gonzalez

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College & Career Coordinator

Santiago Gonzalez is the College & Career Coordinator, based at LA Promise Charter High School. In this role, Gonzalez works with students to set them on a course to college and career success. 

Prior to joining the LA Promise Fund, Gonzalez worked as a math teacher at two different LA charter high schools. He loved his time in the classroom but specifically enjoyed building relationships with his students. Gonzalez attended the University of California, Santa Cruz for his undergraduate studies and Biola University for his Master’s in Education. He currently attends USC.

Gonzalez truly believes that “Deep down inside, all children are good. Regardless of academic ability, every child is capable of success. All children would rather succeed than fail. Once a child gets a taste of success, he or she will want more.” (Oak Hill Academy Philosophy) Through his work in education, Gonzalez is hoping to give a fair opportunity to the students and families who have often been marginalized to the fringes of school and community life. 

When Gonzalez is not working he is spending time with his two beautiful and energetic daughters. As a true introvert, Gonzalez enjoys hiking and running alone. Gonzalez is also an avid sports fan.