Never too young to learn about college

Never too young to learn about college

Choosing which college to attend is a big decision – and one that is best made with considerable planning and thought.

Students at Manual Arts and West Adams Prep High School got a chance to learn about over 50 universities without leaving their school campus. Students enthusiastically asked representatives and alumni about topics ranging from choosing a major to financial aid.

“I believe that college fairs can have a big impact on our college preparedness here at Manual Arts High School,” said Martin Orozco, an 11th grader. “Many of us are first generation; we don’t learn much about college at home.”

Briana Chavez, a Manual Arts 12th grader, chimed in, “I enjoyed taking part in the annual college fair because it allowed me to meet representatives from a range of institutions that I plan to apply to. Attending the college fair was a great experience, and I feel like it allowed me to view college from a different perspective, since I was able to gain some personal advice from the alumni.”

The college fair is an annual event attended by students of all grade-levels. LA Promise Fund promotes a college-bound mindset by providing students with the resources to make informed decisions about their education.