Meet Marc Feder: Tech Coo & Champion Of The Intern Project

Meet Marc Feder: Tech Coo & Champion Of The Intern Project

The Intern Project (TIP) is now in its sixth year, offering paid internships to exceptional juniors and seniors in public LA County high schools. We couldn’t provide these internships without the partnership of companies like Everydae, a digital “tutor” for high school students. Here, we learn from Everydae Chief Operating Officer Marc Feder why having an intern through TIP is so valuable – both to a company’s mission, and to a company’s success.

What is Everydae’s goal?

The academic achievement-gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening, but only 15% of families can afford private tutoring or the supplemental education that will help their kids get to college and succeed.

At Everydae, high school students can build their skills, their test scores, and their confidence, all through 10-minute micro lessons that make learning bite-size and fun. It’s affordable for families, and we also partner with nonprofits (like the LA Promise Fund!) to make Everydae accessible to all. Try Everydae for free here!

When did you first get involved with The Intern Project?

We met Veronica Melvin (CEO, LAPF) in April 2019 to discuss ways that Everydae can assist the LA Promise Fund and its students. TIP came up in that conversation, and it was an immediate no-brainer. In fact, in addition to hiring our first TIP intern that summer (shout out to Nelly Carillo!), we also recruited 16 other TIP students to assist with our product development process over the summer.

How did you engage students in the development of your product?

Every day for six weeks, we sent our TIP students a new SAT challenge that they could complete in 10 minutes or less. Each challenge would be followed by a brief survey so they could help us fine-tune the experience and explanations.

Additionally, we hosted two “Breakfast & Brainstorming” events at Everydae’s headquarters (who doesn’t like free food!). These sessions allowed the TIP students to test drive our app and share information about their high school experience. The insight gathered from those events was instrumental in developing “Extra Credit” questions that help our students cultivate a growth mindset, learn about colleges and career opportunities, etc.

As Nelly, our official TIP summer intern said, “Everydae doesn’t just help me learn, it makes me a more well-rounded person.”

Why do you think it’s important to businesses like yours to engage high school students (by employing them/ engaging them in product development/ etc.)?

It’s a win-win. Businesses gain access to motivated students who are hungry to learn and students gain access to opportunities that can have the potential to change their lives, directly or indirectly.

Because Everydae is a self-paced digital tutor, working with TIP was extra special. Our goal is to help high schoolers realize their potential and prepare for college. What better way to do this than to work with high schoolers who are actively helping us shape a product that’s built for them!

The Everydae team with The Intern Project students!

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