How Hello Future changed Zenas’ career aspirations

How Hello Future changed Zenas’ career aspirations

Zenas Sinclair is a graduate of CSU Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). He attended our Hello Future Career Fair in October, and connected with our CEO Veronica Melvin. We’ve been in touch with him since, and here is his story – how Hello Future changed his career path, and what keeps him going.

What changed for you since you attended Hello Future?

I got a job at Netflix. The first office job I’ve ever had! Doing production finance, which included data entry, learning how production works, all the Hollywood magic.

Right now, all production at Netflix has come to a tentative halt (due to the COVID-19 outbreak). It’s required of me to hire people on set and distribute payment for services, but laborers cannot access the studio, hence, I am on an indefinite hiatus given the nature of my position. But working at Netflix has been an amazing opportunity.

How did you get to Netflix?

I went to a job fair at CSUDH in October, and ended up talking to a man named Adam. Adam is my older brother’s name, so it felt auspicious. It turned out he was a production finance accountant at Netflix. He was my mentor throughout the application process. He set me up for a phone interview, in person interviews, and so on.

Prior to these developments, I attended the Hello Future Career Fair at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Exactly one week before, I was terminated from my position at a Japanese food restaurant. I walked out with a smile on my face and the determination in my heart to do better. After scrolling through networking events on Eventbrite, I found Hello Future, and coincidentally, a fellow CSUDH alumni and friend was attending, too. The stars seemed to align.

Attending Hello Future made me realize the fundamental importance of standing out. Simple things, such as printing your resume on heavy card stock – which I had procured after running around Downtown Los Angeles for hours in the sweltering heat, dressed to kill, no less! – can bring you into a different light. Upon entering, I placed emphasis on creating meaningful connections and creating impressions with my candid demeanor. Hello Future instilled within me the importance of professionalism, and team contribution.

What comes next for you?

My heart still wants to help those in need. I’ve heavily considered whether I should be spending my time in production finance or focus on contributing to the less fortunate. I’m planning on drafting an article about the success/failure complex, reflecting my own approach to issues in the realm of working, processing emotions, and the overall cognitive cycle that we succumb to when we are dealing with an abrupt change in vocation, or how we leverage our values when deciding to venture the employee / entrepreneurial matrix. I would also like to revisit graphic design, since I’ve had success with it prior to pursuing an education.

What keeps you going?

The love of my late Mother & Father.

I know that my Mother and Father are proud. It’s hard sometimes, when you move in their shadow, your reflection reminding you of their likeness, recollection of them stemming from seemingly insignificant moments. It can be overwhelming. But, it gives me joy knowing that they are a part of me, in word, and actions. That’s what keeps them alive.

In this COVID-19, remote world, our young people continue to need career exposure and career fairs. At the LA Promise Fund, we’re working to reimagine career exposure and preparedness, adapting The Intern Project and more of our programming to fit in a remote world. Stay tuned!