Girls build team pivots during Covid-19

Girls build team pivots during Covid-19

Girls Build teams across the country have been meeting the challenge of staying connected and engaged in their efforts to address a community problem even while apart. One team, the Radical Rosies from King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science, has gone above and beyond, lining up an Instagram Live with politician and Hello Future featured speaker Cori Bush, among other activities.

Since the Safer at Home order was issued, they’ve pivoted. Their coordinator, Rebecca Salen, says,

“I am insanely lucky to work with an amazing group of hardworking young ladies, so the transition to virtual outreach, while challenging, hasn’t been impossible. On March 11th, the ladies were working hard towards what they were calling The Radical Rosie’s Equality Fair (in conjunction with King/Drew’s annual Women’s Day event) that was scheduled to take place on March 27th. On March 12th, we realized that a gathering the size of what the ladies wanted wouldn’t happen, and by March 13th, we knew this would all happen virtually, but what it would look like was a mystery. I sat the ladies down on March 13th and said it’s time to pivot and change their direction; without skipping a beat, the Rosie’s came up with a plan of devoting each day to something different as it related to gender equality and their mission statement. It’s so important to note that all of this was their idea, I simply work as a sounding board and a guide in the direction I think they’re headed.

“To keep in touch with each other, we’ve been holding two weekly Zoom meetings since March 16th to check in with each other. In addition, the ladies have two GroupMes, one for just them and one that includes me, so that we’re in constant communication.

“As for the focus of the Cori Bush Instagram Live, their focus is aligned directly with their mission statement “aiming to smash the patriarchy, one gender stereotype at a time and to educate the community about the effects of gender stereotypes and how those stereotypes can affect a whole person.” The ladies have been doing all of the communication with Cori Bush and her people through their Radical Rosie’s email, and I couldn’t be more proud of how much work they’ve put in. Again, I am beyond lucky to work with such an amazing group of young women. The transition to virtual outreach and distance learning has been a challenge to say the least. However, the Rosies make it easy and our twice a week check ins are truly something I look forward to.”


As all of us are challenged by the impact of COVID-19 and the Safer at Home measures we need to take, it’s inspiring to see how high school students are forging ahead. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Girls Build at the culmination ceremony on May 22nd!

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