Behind the Mission: A Day as an ArtsMatter Teaching Artist at LA Promise Fund

Behind the Mission: A Day as an ArtsMatter Teaching Artist at LA Promise Fund

Beranger LeFranc, Teaching Artist with the ArtsMatter program and LA Promise Fund employee, is new to not only the organization, but to Los Angeles as well, as she recently started her position this July.

“It’s been exciting to get to know a new community, the LAUSD school community (and) LA in general. It’s very different than being a teacher in Texas, and it has been an exciting change,” said LeFranc.

ArtsMatter brings art into classrooms at a time when only 7% of LA schools offer courses in media arts. ArtsMatter Teaching Artists walk both teachers and students through the standards-based Media Arts Curriculum. This means students are exposed to the arts not just in art class, but in other subject areas such as math, science, social studies, English and language arts. ArtsMatter has proved that students who have access to arts education show deeper signs of engagement in school. Here’s an inside look into one of Beranger’s workdays at LAPF. 

I really feel proud to work for LA Promise Fund and the ArtsMatter program because I believe they stand for the same values that I do, which is progressive education, increasing opportunities for students that typically are in underserved communities, as well as the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Beranger LeFranc, Teaching Artist, ArtsMatter at LA Promise Fund

“LeFranc is not just a Teaching Artist with LA Promise Fund. She is also an active member of the LAPF community. She shares our deep commitment to promoting creative and academic advancements in students and teachers by supporting their ability to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, not just in school but all throughout their lives,” said Raymundo Baltazar, Director of ArtsMatter at LAPF.

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